Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Material and Meaning-

Material and Meaning- Window lurking.

Material and Meaning-

Point and shoot work.

A new unit- Material and Meaning

Without light, photography would not exist... Without life, life would not exist.
Light is the most powerful material known to civilization. It exposes peoples true nature... their character...their nature.
I intend to document the characters that lurk Manchester's streets. 
Using light as my material...
This is the first time I have explored the concept of street photography, and therefore I cannot predict the outcomes.

Square to square- Travel #6- Returning to China

A brief experiment processing E6 film through a C41 processor. Rut Blees eat your heart out.

Square to square- Travel #5 The Civil Justice Centre

This remarkable reminded me of the Bauhaus art movement. Probably my favourite architectural structure so far...

Square to square- Travel #4 A Manchester council estate.

Square to square- Travel #3 The Underpass

My interpretation of the underpasses of Manchester.
Ilford XP2 is a great film.

Square to square- Travel #2 China Town

China Town has always interested me.
Two photographs from the other night.

Square to square- Travel #1

A brief documentation of the architecture I admired whilst walking around Manchester. 
Tall buildings are fascinating to say the least.

Square to square- A new unit of work.

I will be exploring and documenting the architecture of Manchester. After all, it are these structures that signify where we are, and where we need to go when travelling to a destination.
Throughout the course of this unit, I will also be exploring the relationship between darkness and light as this reflects my two sided outlook on the city of Manchester...

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Contact sheet- From the holes series.

A contact sheet from the holes series.
Annotated version will be up soon.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Personal Work.

The anatomy of death... A temporary conclusion to the camera-less series.

                                                               The anatomy of death.
The principle of death is something every living thing experiences. Whether we are experiencing or causing death, it will always linger and dwell inside the mind of the most simplest living organism. 
This is my representation of death. A prominent reminded of its unpredictable nature.