Saturday, 26 October 2013

Camera-less Experimentation #5

Initially inspired by Man Ray. However, I have collaborated this with the unusual shaped I occasionally see when in space... If you catch my drift.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Camera-less: The anatomy of death. Initial idea

An unfortunate nightmare involving death of a loved one has inspired me to pursue a new style of camera-less work. This developing idea will allow me to incorporate many aspects of camera-less photography into one final photograph. Sketches regarding how I structured this idea will be up very soon.

Camera-less Experimentation #4

Playing with paper and light.
 Darkroom mischief.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Camera-less Experimentation #3

A slight update with regards to experimentation #1. 
Drilled small holes into the film canister, then followed the same technique as before.
This time trying to focus on the movement of the trees against the street lights.

Camera-less experimentation #2

Bauhaus inspired photo-gram. Slightly raised parts of the paper during the exposure to provide the image with a slight gradient. After a few hours this was the only result that met my initial expectations and desires.

Camera-less experimentation #1

Produced using a single 35mm negative, a polariser filter and a film canister.
Exposed to street lights, then processed and scanned.

Exploration of Photography and Materials- Camera-less.

A unit of work assigned to myself and others for our first photographic project.
Camera-less; The exploration of light, darkness and curiosity. 
All of my cameras took a vacation.
Stay tuned for a variety of images...